New Whole Egg Powder Available Now!

Freeze-dried whole egg powder made from cage free eggs and shipped 1-4 bags at a time. Choose the quantity you'd like below!

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Or, you can add a bag of Whole Egg Protein Powder to our Egg White Powder packages!

Keto Lovers Rejoice!

While MuscleEgg Egg Whites have always been a great Keto-friendly product, our new Whole Egg Powder is now the perfect Keto food as it retains the fats in the yolk that are preferred by Keto athletes! Best of all, you can use it just like our regular egg whites...mix it in drinks for great Keto smoothies, or substitute it in many of our existing recipes!

Nutritional Benefits of Whole Egg

While Egg Whites are great way to get loads of quality protein while significantly reducing calories, Whole Eggs definitely have some big nutritional advantages beyond protein. The yolk contains most of an egg’s additional nutrients like potassium, vitamins A, B12, and D, plus extra iron and calcium! So if you're looking for a more complete food or something to act as a meal replacement, whole egg is the way to go!

Freeze drying MuscleEgg Powder

Perfect Recovery Meal

If you're trying to really pack on muscle, you might want to replace your post-workout meal with our Whole Egg Powder! A recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that eating whole eggs immediately after exercise results in greater muscle-protein synthesis than with egg whites alone!

Freeze-Dried Process

MuscleEgg Whole Egg Protein Powder is created by freeze-drying 100% cage free eggs. Freeze-drying is a process that involves super-cooling the eggs at a temperature so low that all of the moisture is evaporated, resulting in a shelf-stable powder that can be reconstituted into its original liquid form by simply adding water! All of the nutritional value is preserved perfectly and the flavor and texture are the same as the original! Plus, it can be stored up to 1 year!

Freeze drying MuscleEgg Powder

Nutrition and Servings

MuscleEgg Whole Egg Powder is shipped in a 340g bag. Each bag contains 43 servings of 2 tablespoons each. This serving-size will yield a serving equal to 1 egg when mixed correctly. Also, we're an open book when it comes to the nutrition info of our product, so click the image to the right to check out our nutrition label.

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