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Same Product, Different Form

MuscleEgg Powder is actually the same product as our Liquid Egg Whites, but in a powdered form. When used together this gives you ultimate flexibility...keep MuscleEgg Liquid in your fridge for ultimate convenience (no mixing required) and take MuscleEgg Powder whenever you travel for ultimate portability!

A Technological Breakthrough!

MuscleEgg Egg White Protein Powder is created by freeze-drying our original MuscleEgg Liquid Egg Whites. Freeze-drying is a process that involves super-cooling our original MuscleEgg Liquid Egg Whites at a temperature so low that all of the moisture is evaporated, resulting in a shelf-stable powder that can be reconstituted into its original liquid form by simply adding water! All of the nutritional value is preserved perfectly and the flavor and texture are the same as the original! Plus, it can be stored up to 1 year!

Take MuscleEgg With You!

While our original Liquid MuscleEgg remains the most convenient way to use MuscleEgg at home, until now it hasn't been as convenient for traveling or taking with you to places without refrigeration. For these uses, MuscleEgg Powder is a no-brainer. Because of it's powder form, you just take a scoop or two with you when you head out the door and you can even put it in your carry-on when you travel!

Nutrition and Servings

MuscleEgg Powder is shipped in a 340g bag. Each bag contains 12 servings of 2 scoops each. This serving-size will yield an 8oz serving when mixed correctly, just like our liquid egg whites. Also, we're an open book when it comes to the nutrition info of our product, so check out the back labels of all three flavors...

chocolate label
cake batter label
Cake Batter
mocha label
Chocolate Mocha
vanilla label
original label



Once mixed, product should be refrigerated like regular liquid MuscleEgg and is good up to 3 days.

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