MuscleEgg AutoShip Program

Say Goodbye to Shipping Costs and the Hassle of Re-Ordering!

If you’ve made MuscleEgg a staple item in your diet, then we’ve created a program just for you! With our new AutoShip program, you get 2 major benefits over everyone else. First, you never have to remember to re-order ever again! You can pick which products you want and set each of them to re-order automatically as often as you want. And second, to say thank you for your loyalty, we’ll never charge you shipping again! It’s like getting one of our free-shipping sales every time you order! Plus, you can suspend your order or change it at anytime. So what have you got to lose? Try it out today by choosing from one of our special AutoShip products below.

How It Works

1. Choose a product bundle from the options below
2. Select which flavors you want in the bundle
3. Select how often you want us to ship them to you

That’s really all there is to it! Just check out and your first order will be on it’s way! We’ll continue to ship you new orders on the schedule you chose. You can modify your AutoShip subscription at any time, add more products to it, pause it for a period, or cancel it altogether, all from your account page.

Limited Edition Flavors No Longer Limited!

Still need more convincing? How about this…when you sign up for AutoShip, you get year-round access to ALL of our flavors*, including ALL Limited Edition flavors! No more having to stock up once a year for your favorite flavor!

* In the event that we discontinue a flavor, that flavor will not be available for AutoShip customers once our stock runs out

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the MuscleEgg Auto-Ship program work?
After following the directions above to create your subscription order, we store your payment info and automatically create a new order for you on the schedule you chose (eg. 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, etc). You can manage all of that from your account page.

Are there discounts for using AutoShip?
Yes! When you sign up for AutoShip, you get free shipping on every order! That’s a discount of up to 25% on some items!

What are the benefits of your Auto-Ship program?
Besides the free shipping and the year-round access to Limited Edition flavors, the biggest benefit is that it’s a much easier way to order! You don’t have to set an alarm reminding you to re-order and you’ll never forget what you ordered the last time because we store that for you!

Do I have to commit to Auto-ship for a minimum length of time?
No! At this time we do not have any contracts, but we do monitor whether people sign up and cancel just to get free shipping and we ask our customers not to do that…it’s an honor thing, you know?

Are all products available for Autoship?
Yes! …and no. All current flavors and sizes are available, but we’ve created a handful of product bundles that you can configure to AutoShip. When we discontinue a flavor completely, these will no longer be available once our supply runs out.

Why can’t I order 2 gallons or 2 half-gallons with AutoShip?
We’ve excluded those products from AutoShip in order to offer free shipping on each order.

Can I order fewer than 4 powders with AutoShip?
In order to offer free shipping on each order we set minimum amounts of each product.

How do I cancel Auto-Ship?
You can cancel your AutoShip order from your account page.

How do I resume Auto-Ship?
You can pause and resume each of your AutoShip orders from your account page.

Can I change my flavors each month?
Yes! We have a video on your account page that shows you how to do that or you can contact customer service to do it for you.

How can I see when my billing date is?
On your account page you can see the next order date which is the same as your next billing date.

Can I pause my Auto-Ship program?
Yes! You can pause and resume each of your AutoShip orders from your account page.

Can I skip a shipment?
Yes! Simply suspend any order from your account page and resume it once you’re ready.

Can I change the day/date of my next shipment?
Yes! To change the date of your next shipment, please contact customer service via phone, chat or email.

Can I change the frequency of my orders?
Yes! To change the frequency of your order, please contact customer service via phone, chat or email.

I got the wrong flavor…how do I return it?
If we made a mistake and sent you the wrong flavor, we’ll be happy to resend the correct flavor to you at no additional cost.

Can I change the address for my Auto-Ship?
Yes! You can modify your address on your account page.

Where is your Auto-Ship program available?
AutoShip is available to all 48 contiguous United States (excludes Alaska and Hawaii).

Can I Auto-Ship to Alaska or Hawaii?
We can work with you to AutoShip to Alaska or Hawaii for a separate cost. Contact customer service for this.

Can I Auto-Ship to a PO, FPO or APO address?
We have the same shipping rules for AutoShip as we do for all other orders so PO, FPO and APO addresses are excluded.

What happens if my AutoShip payment fails?
We will try again a few times to collect payment using the payment details you provided. If we are unable to collect payment we will contact you for another method of payment.

What if I want a flavor that is out of stock?
One of the benefits of AutoShip is that we keep year-round stock of all our flavors just for our AutoShip customers! No more “Out of stock” flavors! (in rare occasions, we may exceed this demand, in which case we will let you know how soon that flavor will be available)

What if I want a flavor that is on sale that month?
Because AutoShip orders already offer Free Shipping, they can’t be combined with other offers. Free shipping tends to save you much more money than our standard flavor sales but if there ever is a sale you want to take advantage of, simply suspend your order for that period, use the sale, and then resume your subscription later on!

Will I get tracking numbers for all my Auto-Ship orders?
Yes! Each of your orders will be assigned a tracking number and you can even sign up for text receipts of your tracking info on the checkout page!

Will I be notified before/when my card is charged?
We send out an email a couple days before each order to remind you before it is charged.

How often will I be charged?
You will be charged the day of your first order and as often as you elected to be charged from that date. For example, if you signed up on June 15 and elected to be charged every month, you would be charged around the 15th of every month.

When will my due date be?
Order dates are calculated from the date of your first order. If you order on June 15th and you elect to receive an order every 2 weeks, your next order will be around June 29th.

Can I view future/upcoming orders?
Yes! Your next order date for each subscription is always plainly visible on your AutoShip subscriptions page.

Can I add items to my Auto-Ship order?
Yes! Simply select any of the AutoShip product bundles above and check the box that says “Add to an existing subscription?” Please note: this will only work if you select the same AutoShip Schedule as a previous order.

Which payment methods do you accept for Auto-Ship?
We accept PayPal and all major credit cards for AutoShip orders.

Are there any additional costs/fees associated with your Auto-Ship program?
No! This system is created for you, not to take advantage of you. It’s simply a way to bring more value to our customers.

Can I use this coupon I have with an Auto-Ship order?
Because we offer Free Shipping with AutoShip orders, they are not compatible with any other offer or coupon.