Who is MuscleEgg?

MuscleEgg is produced right on its own farm. It is a 50-year family owned enterprise with a state-of-the-art processing facility and end-to-end egg farming. We don’t just raise the hens that produce the eggs, we also grow the grain that feeds them. In addition to producing fresh, nutritious, high-quality eggs, our farmers take pride in the traditions and values of being good stewards of the land, providing superior care for their hens and in giving back to the communities that surround and support them.

Good Eggs Come From Happy Hens.

It all starts with the hens, of course, and our farmers ensure that the hens are raised in state-of-the-art, clean, safe environments with everything the latest science tells us they need, whether they’re raised in modern-conventional or cage-free housing. The feed they provide them ensures the hens’ health and, in turn, that they lay nutritious, wholesome eggs for you and your family.

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From Feed to Food.

Why do we focus on what we feed our chickens? All eggs are nutritious, but the specific dietary content of any egg is determined by the feed the chicken laying the egg has eaten. Our hens are always given excellent feed so they produce quality eggs! We've created an environment for our hens that protects them from the elements, disease, predators, and we feed them a nutritious diet with plenty of water. All of this care combines to create strong hens that produce only the highest quality eggs.

Quality and Safety Guaranteed.

All of our farms have comprehensive, multi-faceted quality assurance and food safety programs in place and are continually monitored and certified by a variety of organizations, including the United Egg Producers, the Global Food Safety Initiative, the American Humane Association and the USDA. We receive superior audit scores from the USDA and third-party auditing teams and strictly adhere to the Utah Egg Quality Assurance Program.

We are especially proud that the Safe Quality Program, the leading global food safety program whose certification lets retailers know that we’ve met or exceeded all food safety regulations, has certified our plants. The guidelines, systems and processes we employ in all of our facilities ensure that our products receive the most prestigious national and international certifications and approvals, so you know you’re getting high-quality eggs every day.

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