MuscleEgg sponsorships are open to everyone. Are you interested in becoming a MuscleEgg Spokesmodel, MuscleEgg Sponsored Athlete or MuscleEgg Brand Ambassador? Good, you’ve come to the right place. At MuscleEgg we pride ourselves on building the best team around with athletes, fitness enthusiasts, clean eating chefs, crossfitters and more. We really just want to find people who love MuscleEgg and have a passion for getting the most out of life. So, no matter what walk of life you come from, we welcome you to apply to be part of #TeamMuscleEgg!

Fill out the MuscleEgg Sponsorships Request form below as thoroughly as possible. We have different ways that you can get involved with MuscleEgg and even if we aren’t currently looking for representatives, we will keep your information for when we are. We often look for people to represent us in geographic locations where we need sponsored athletes and brand ambassadors to help us grow. We also love working with people who already use and love MuscleEgg and aren’t afraid to show it! If you’re posting about MuscleEgg on Social media, make sure you tag us so that we see it!

So, don’t worry if you don’t hear from us right away. We generally look for MuscleEgg teammates as needed throughout the year, so make sure you fill out the form completely since we refer back to it often as we look for people to be a part of the team. You are also welcome to update your info at any time by submitting the form again with the same email address. If we need any additional information from you, we will let you know, so please be patient and make sure that your contact info is correct!

Now, just to see if you actually read all of this and see how well you follow directions, the correct answer to the very last question asking to verify your name is “egg whites“. If you put your name again, you are rushing through this and not following directions very well. While that doesn’t disqualify you, it does show us you might not be taking the time to do things right. We look forward to getting your responses. Thanks again for your interest!