Single Serve Bottles

MuscleEgg Single Serve bottles make our flavored egg whites even more convenient than they already are! Easy to grab and go on your way out the door in the morning, throw in your gym bag for a quick and tasty post-workout, or keep at the office for a protein packed lunch!

At 12 oz., each bottle contains between 38-40 grams of clean, 100% bioavailable protein to help repair your muscles and keep you full. Please note that the serving size for MuscleEgg single serve bottles is 12 oz (1.5x more than the serving size listed on our gallon and half-gallon jugs).

Drinking MuscleEgg is the easiest and quickest way to consume your egg whites, but these smaller bottles are filled with the same liquid egg whites as our gallon and half-gallon jugs. Feel free to use it in your favorite recipes as well!

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