At MuscleEgg, we want to make it easy for you promote our egg whites. When you win, we win. So, in addition to the advertising kit for your shop, we also provide the resources on this page to help you let all of your customers online know that you carry MuscleEgg! Check back often for available sale graphics that you can add your shop logo to for professional co-branded images that you can use on your website, social media, email and more.

MuscleEgg Logo

Authorized MuscleEgg dealers can use the MuscleEgg logo in their marketing efforts. To help you do that, we’ve included a logo pack that you can download. In the .zip file you’ll find a version for light backgrounds and a version for dark backgrounds in addition to the source files (Adobe Illustrator).

MuscleEgg Product Images

From time to time retailers ask for individual product images to use in social media posts, website use or flyers. You can download our Gallon jug image pack here or our Powder Image pack here. All product images are .png files with transparent backgrounds to make them easier to incorporate into your company’s images. Files are packaged as .zip files for quicker downloads.

Talking Points Video

The video below is less than 3 minutes long and does a good job at covering what MuscleEgg is and gives the top 5 reasons it is better than other protein products. Use it to train your staff on how to sell MuscleEgg! (Note: this video was produced before our new MuscleEgg Powder was released, so the benefit of “no mixing” which we state in the video only pertains to our liquid egg whites products).

Video Guide

Download the video guide below and print it out before watching the video so you can take a few notes!

Download Video Guide

Talking Points Guide

You can download a one-sheet that bullet points the message in the video above. It’s sort of a cheat sheet ;-). Distribute this to your staff and encourage them to watch the video a few times until they are comfortable with the talking points.

Download Talking Points Guide