Single-Serve Agreement

With the release of our new single-serve size bottles, we need to ensure that customers are getting a fresh, top-quality product. In order to accomplish this, you agree to sell single-serve MuscleEgg in the same manner as you sell half-gallon and gallon sizes. No sale of MuscleEgg should be made if MuscleEgg is not frozen. You understand that selling MuscleEgg out of a fridge, cooler, shelf, or any other means that does not adequately keep MuscleEgg frozen is against our policy. We assume no risk associated with the sale of unfrozen product and no refunds will be issued for improperly stored products.

By submitting this form you agree to sell MuscleEgg in its frozen state only. Any retailers who do not adhere to this may have their rights to sell MuscleEgg revoked. For any questions about proper storage or sales of MuscleEgg, please contact your sales rep. You may also contact the sales team at 855-289-6872 or Thank you so much for your support!

Single-Serve Sales Agreement

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