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Yahshua Manley

IFBB Pro Physique

About Yahshua

I was born and raised a Florida boy with a passion for fitness and sports. Growing up as a vegan it was difficult for me to put size on so in my 20's I converted to pescatarian in result allowing me to gain lean mass. From there I was able to build my physique. I never knew what Mens physique was until one of my friends mentioned it to me and encouraged me to compete.In 2013 I decided to prep not knowing what I was getting myself into and end up winning my first show. From that point on I was hooked! I continued competing in local shows and I was able to build my name as an athlete which open sponsorship opportunities. I got sponsored by a supplements company still as an amateur. June 14 2014 at the Jr. National Chicago I won my Pro Card, I was also featured in the 2015 Flex Magazine issue. The journey has been an amazing experience, learning and pushing myself to overcome anything that stands before me. I'm thankful for the opportunity and to have met so many wonderful people along the ride.

Career Highlights

Show I've competed In

1.Npc Ana Level. 1st place
2.Npc Southern States. 3rd place
3.Npc Ruby Classic. 1st place
4.Nationals. 3rd place
5. Jr Nationals. 1st place

6. Dayana Classic. 8th place


Fort Lauderdale FL

Current Residence

Boca Raton FL

Favorite MuscleEgg Flavor

Pumpkin Spice

Favorite Workout Music

Childish Gambino Redbone

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Training Day

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Favorite Use of MuscleEgg

Pumpkin spice French toast

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Best Advice I Ever Got

Don't ever go with the flow, be the flow