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Vlad Petric

NPC National Level Bodybuilder

About Vlad

Born in Romania, came to US when I was 8 years old. Grew up in North Jersey, and attended Fordham University where I studied finance and business management. Upon graduating, I opened a restaurant that I ran for two years before I delved into real estate and other ventures that gave me the leeway to also take on competing, which I still currently pursue and aspire to take to the highest level I can.

Career Highlights

I first competed in the 2012 Atlantic States where I placed 2nd in the open middle-weight division and won overall in the novice category. That gave me the drive and motivation to decide to take bodybuilding to higher levels, continuing to pursue pro status. I continued to place first in every other open middle-weight division I competed in at the local or regional level, and earned 2nd place at the Junior Nationals in 2015. Two years later I won the overall bodybuilding title at the 2017 NPC Easterns and came in stricking distance from earning pro status as well a week later at the NPC Nationals. Ultimately, I aspire to keep pushing until I do achieve the goal of turning pro, upon which I look to pursue being a competitive pro within the 212 division, and if my body and mind allow it, sky is the limit.. and I would attempt the open as well!



Current Residence

Edgewater, NJ

Favorite MuscleEgg Flavor

Cake Batter

Favorite Workout Music

I can listen to anything from hip hop and pop to rock to house. I just love music in general!

Favorite Movie


Favorite Exercise

Barbell squats!

Favorite Cheat Meal

Papa John’s deep dish pizza :)

Favorite Use of MuscleEgg

Personally, I like to add it into my cooked oatmeal. Being that it’s already hot, it will cook the egg whites just enough to make a nice paste that tastes absolutely delicious!

Favorite Hobbies

Philosophy and art.

Best Advice I Ever Got

Never give up! We all get discouraged at times, but always seek to remember why you began in the first place. And know that there are other people who are inspired by your success, and giving up would not only put an end to your goals, but also disappoint everyone who looks up to them.