Tamara Jordan Haddad

Spokesmodel, IFBB Bikini Pro

About Tamara

As a fitness coach I lead women into NPC Bikini Bodybuilding competitions and lifestyle clients into full body transformations. I have competed as a Professional Bikini Athlete since 2013 and stepped on the Olympia stage in 2015.

Tamara and MuscleEgg

"Staying on your nutrition game can be difficult. I hear it all the time... people don't have time to eat because they are so busy. I keep my @muscleegg in fridge at work for a quick and easy way to get my protein in and I drink it straight to avoid time spent in the kitchen prepping...

...I started working with MuscleEgg a little over a year ago. I knew when I met the owners of the company and the members they have chosen to work with that I was amongst a very special group of people. You have shown great love and care to your athletes and representatives. Thank you for being such amazing role models and leaders. It's my honor and joy to represent you as your MuscleEgg spokesmodel."

Tamara, via Instagram

Tehachapi, CA
Current Residence
Long Beach, CA
Favorite MuscleEgg Flavor
Cake Batter