Raymond Coppinger

NPC Bodybuilder / Muscleegg Sales Rep

About Raymond

I am an NPC competitor. Have been competing in bodybuilding since 2008. I am nationally qualified. I have been with Muscle Egg since 2013. I am engaged to the beautiful Heather Nappi, IFBB Pro. I have two children , one boy and one girl. I am an elevator engineer. I have been working on elevators since 2003. I am also a licensed NYC elevator inspector.

Career Highlights

  • 2008- INBF Hercules 5th place
  • 2010- NPC Atlantic States 5th place
  • 2012- NPC Metropolitans Novice light heavy and Novice overall winner
  • 2013- NPC Atlantic States 3rd place light heavy
  • 2106- NPC NJ championship 2nd place masters LH and 2nd place open LH
Bronx, NY
Current Residence
Pomona, NY
Favorite MuscleEgg Flavor
Chocolate Caramel
Favorite Workout Music
I listen to everything! Not one favorite.
Favorite Movie
Favorite Exercise
Shoulder Presses standing or seated
Favorite Cheat Meal
Burger and fries (maybe 2 or 3 to be exact)
Favorite Use of MuscleEgg
I love making waffles and pancakes with muscle Egg.
Favorite Hobbies
Playing with my kids, Softball, Traveling
Best Advice I Ever Got
Always remember where you started. We all started this journey for one reason or another. Never forget why. Stay grounded.