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Nikki Foxx

Social Influencer / blogger

About Nikki

Nikki Foxx is a social influencer/blogger who has evolved herself from a bullied, insecure, small-town girl into a strong, independent, career-driven woman with a passion for fitness and inspiring others. She shares her professional and personal journey of change, risks, failures and successes to motivate others to find their inner strength and chase after their dreams. She promotes positivity, health/fitness goal setting, personal growth and the journey to self-acceptance.

Instead of competitions, Nikki trains for photoshoots to show her followers they don’t have to be a trainer, fitness model, or competitor to have a healthy lifestyle. She motivates and inspires by being humorous, genuine, and transparent in her journey through all of life’s ups and downs. Beyond her corporate marketing career, she enjoys studying human behavior, relationships, philosophy and psychology and shares blogs to educate, support and inspire.

She was first fell in love with Muscle Egg at the Dallas Europa in 2015. She has been actively promoting it to her followers and using it in her meal preps ever since.

Career Highlights

My photoshoots are my “shows”. So I always place first in those. :) It’s not in personality to do shows. I’d rather lose than win and be the reason someone feels bad about their body. I don’t like competition, I’m weird. (But I love cheering on my friends!) 🤣 My biggest accomplishments are in corporate America and personal growth. I love my marketing/design career in the finance industry. I moved to Dallas to challenge myself and have been able to accomplish professional and personal goals beyond what I ever imagined I was capable of.


Stare College, PA

Current Residence

Fort Worth, TX

Favorite MuscleEgg Flavor

Chocolate Mocha

Favorite Workout Music

Britney Spears

Favorite Movie


Favorite Exercise

Anything shoulders!

Favorite Cheat Meal


Favorite Use of MuscleEgg

I drink muscle egg straight cause it tastes so good, I’m usually on the go, and I’m not domesticated so I don’t cook. On rare occasion I do make protein pancakes tho!

Favorite Hobbies

Corporate job, gym and Netflix is pretty much my life.

Best Advice I Ever Got

You are the only one who holds yourself back. Change your mindset and it will change your life. We all have this idea that everyone else is capable of things and we aren’t. The truth is we all have it inside of us and we all start somewhere. Being dedicated, ambitious, consistent and positive will always put you at the top. Be kind to others, but don’t forget yourself. Self love is important in your journey, so don’t try to please everyone, it’s impossible.