Nika Sedghi

NPC Figure Bodybuilder

About Nika

Former D1 athlete played water polo for SDSU, full time mechanical engineer, 100 % persian, 100% Natural and going to show the world it might take time but I’m turning pro CLEAN!

Career Highlights

  • Got first in my class my 1st show 3 rd in my second (Natinally qualified in both).
  • Crazy weight loss transformation 40lbs down my first bodybuilding season
San Diego, CA
Current Residence
San Diego, CA
Favorite MuscleEgg Flavor
Favorite Workout Music
Love Spotify Top Hits & EDM Playlists
Favorite Movie
The Notebook
Favorite Exercise
Any compound movement!
Favorite Cheat Meal
Italian Gnocchi and Froyo for Dessert!
Favorite Use of MuscleEgg
I love cooking it and enjoying it as a light and fluffy cake usually topped with my favorite but butter!
Favorite Hobbies
Yes I love to hike, bodyboard, skate, road bike, you name it if it’s outdoors sign me up!
Best Advice I Ever Got
Educating myself on nutrition! Putting macros in perspective and learning how to time carbs has truly helped me optimize my nutrition.