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Matthew Cote

NPC Bodybuilder

About Matthew

Fitness has always been a big factor in my life. Started off at a young age playing baseball/basketball/and running track. Freshman year of High School I picked up the sport of soccer, receiving multiple scholarship opportunities to go to college to play, however an ankle injury ended those dreams quickly. From not being able to compete at the collegiate level in soccer I was searching for my next hobby, and while lifting at a Gold Gym in my home town of Bourbonnais Il I found my passion for weight lifting which ultimately gave me the plan to go to National Personal Training Institute in Chicago, IL to receive my personal training and nutrition certifications. After completion of my certifications I started working for Life Time Fitness in Orland Park, IL. Where I was introduced into Bodybuilding from coworkers and members of that facility. Have been competing ever since 2011.


Chicago, IL

Current Residence

Columbus, OH

Favorite MuscleEgg Flavor

Key Lime Pie

Favorite Workout Music

Limp Bizkit Radio on Pandora

Favorite Movie

Raising The Bar

Favorite Exercise


Favorite Cheat Meal

Burger and Fries

Favorite Use of MuscleEgg

Two cups Muscleegg blended with 1 cup Oats and drink it down!

Favorite Hobbies

Outside of the gym you can find me working on programs for my online clients

Best Advice I Ever Got

It's easy to isolate yourself from the rest of the world while prepping. But the rest of the world isn't going to change for you, you need to find your balance otherwise you won't have longevity in the sport.