Image of Luis Pena

Luis Pena

WBFF Fitness model, Model, Nutrition Specialist

About Luis

Only being in the fitness industry for a short period of time, i have received a lot of recognition outside of the stage, To me its not about always winning shows, but its the satisfaction that i get with helping others and improving their life. Now with my knowledge and following i get to help people from all over help them achieve their goals. my dream of traveling in the fitness industry was a goal and now it has become reality.

Career Highlights

Getting Top 3 at my first Mens physique show after overcoming obesity.


Valencia, Venezuela

Current Residence

South Jordan, Utah

Favorite MuscleEgg Flavor

Cake Batter

Favorite Workout Music

EDM or Trap

Favorite Exercise

Quad/Hami Extensions

Favorite Cheat Meal

Burger, Fries, Diet Coke

Favorite Use of MuscleEgg

My favorite way to use my muscle egg, is in every way. I Drink it, i Cook it, i use it in coffee as well. I mainly like to use it to make my protein pancakes, or my omelettes with melted peanut butter on top, that is my main go to.

Favorite Hobbies

my hobbies outside the gym are spending time with my family, cooking, going to the movies, and spending time with my Wolf Dog.

Best Advice I Ever Got

Consistency, Dedication and self motivation.