Justin Freeman

IFBB Pro Classic Physique

About Justin

Start weight training at the age of 11. Throughout my young years I excelled in football, wrestling, track & field. I only trained for strength until 2009 when a friend suggested that i should look into bodybuilding. While on active duty I decided to do my first show the 2011 natural open & turned Professional in 2016.

Career Highlights

I returned home from service to compete in the same show i did 3 years prior & won the overall. In 2012 became a certified personal trainer. 2015 was the first time I coached someone through a bodybuilding prep & he won his class.

Elton, Louisiana
Current Residence
Denver, Colorado
Favorite MuscleEgg Flavor
Fruit Cereal
Favorite Workout Music
Nothing in particular as long as it has heavy Bass!
Favorite Movie
The Green Mile
Favorite Exercise
Cable Fly
Favorite Cheat Meal
Loaded Chicken Burrito
Favorite Use of MuscleEgg
I pour them on my oats in the morning & pretend im eating cereal.
Favorite Hobbies
Building engine & fashion design.
Best Advice I Ever Got
We live in the 21st century, where access to most information is instantaneous. If there's an answer you're looking for "Google it"