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Jonathan Echevarria

Supplement Science Expert, NPC Men's & Classic Physique Competitor

About Jonathan

I'm a highly organized, results-driven Supply Chain Professional with exposure to all facets of supply chain process improvements, procurement and project management. Respected leader for driving process improvement initiatives with proven project results; resulting in value added improvements, operating expense reductions, as well as successful partnering of business units. Established a balanced score card system for internal processes and external suppliers which improved communications and supplier delivery performance. Experienced in data analysis, supply chain optimization and influencing strategic level decision making as well as applying analytical processes to support complex supply chain business decisions. Proven ability to comprehend complex supply chain needs, evaluate data trends and what if scenarios to develop innovative solutions. Who also likes to bodybuild full time and compete.

Career Highlights

  1. Master's Degree in Supply Chain Management
  2. Worked the 2018 Arnold Classic booth for Beast Sports Nutrition
  3. 5th place at 2019 Dallas Europa
  4. Coached by Terry Placker and Brandon Hendrickson


Aquadilla, Puerto Rico

Current Residence

Fayetteville North Carolina

Favorite MuscleEgg Flavor

Pumpkin Spice

Favorite Workout Music

Top 40 Hip-Hop

Favorite Movie

Dr. Strange

Favorite Exercise


Favorite Cheat Meal


Favorite Use of MuscleEgg

Meals 1 and 6 every day. Meal 1 is mixing it with my oatmeal. Meal 6 is drinking it straight up as a before bed snack. I also drink 1/2 cup as my pre workout protein source to prevent going catabolic. Drinking it straight up is my preferred way as you can taste all of the flavorings.

Favorite Hobbies

Comic books and politics

Best Advice I Ever Got

Invest into a company that help you reach your goals. In time, you will get positive return on your investments mentally and physically. Especially with nutrition companies.