Image of Danitza Freigher

Danitza Freigher

NPC Figure Competitor

About Danitza

Danitza Freigher is a happily married, working mother of two adorable girls. She’s a career woman, fitness enthusiast, and accomplished National Physique Committee (NPC) figure athlete. Danitza has been consistently competing in figure competitions since 2003, with the only time away from the stage being when she was pregnant with her two beautiful daughters. Danitza is an active presence in the fitness community and is currently training for her next figure competition that will take place in April 2017. Danitza has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer. She has a strong passion for fitness and nutrition and works daily to promote her lifestyle philosophy of helping other women feel empowered and balanced, in all aspects of their lives.

Career Highlights

I have competed in NPC Figure competitions since 2004 with 4, 1st place finishes (2009, 2010, 2013 and 2015). My best moment on stage was winning my first Overall Figure Title in 2015 at the Spartan Challenge in San Diego, CA.


Torrance, CA

Current Residence

Woodland Hills, CA

Favorite MuscleEgg Flavor

Cake Batter

Favorite Workout Music

Radar by Britney Spears

Favorite Movie

Age of Adeline

Favorite Exercise

Anything that involves shoulders!!

Favorite Cheat Meal

Classic Burger with Sweet Potato Fries from Cheesecake Factory

Favorite Use of MuscleEgg

I'm known as the "Pancake Queen" and my favorite way to use MuscleEgg is in my Protein Pancakes. My website has all my MuscleEgg Protein Pancake recipes for easy recipes for MuscleEgg fans!

Favorite Hobbies

I love Fashion Illustration/Design, Sewing, Roller Skating and watching my daughters dance every chance I get.

Best Advice I Ever Got

Ask questions! There is something to learn from EVERY person that you meet. This fitness industry is filled with knowledgeable people. If you are just starting out in a healthy lifestyle or if you are just getting started in competing, the best thing you can do is use your resources. Ask questions from everyone around you. Fitness professionals, coaches, nutritional experts, etc. Everyone can teach your something valuable and the more you know, the easier your journey will be.