Bonnie Coggiola

WBFF Fitness Pro
Thousand Oaks, CA
Current Residence
Thousand Oaks, CA
Favorite MuscleEgg Flavor
Cake Batter
Favorite Workout Music
Lenny Kravitz, classic rock, 80's!, alternative
Favorite Movie
Hmmmm! That one's tough. (Anything action or suspenseful)
Favorite Exercise
Favorite Cheat Meal
Dark Chocolate
Favorite Use of MuscleEgg
My favorite way to use Muscleegg is any way that I can eat it! But, I often find myself making quick shakes for on the go, and protein pancakes. They're easy and delicious.
Favorite Hobbies
Hobbies would include hiking, dancing, swimming, drawing, interior design, volleyball, cooking or baking new healthy recipes.
Best Advice I Ever Got
Take each step with one difficult but realistic challange to overcome. Achieve that goal before moving onto the next! Don't try to change a lifestyle overnight. The plan is to make your goals well planned out for success, to last you a lifetime and set you up for future goals ahead.