Muscle Egg liquid egg whites fit dieting plans for all body types and lifestyles. And for you dedicated body builders, we’ve found our exciting product unmatched for clean diet plans and muscle growth. Targeting that ideal stage-weight and preparing during the off season becomes easier with Muscle Egg liquid egg whites ready-to-drink distribution.

Not a body builder? Liquid egg whites are ideal for all meal-plans and diets.

How can one product shout so much versatility? Muscle Egg liquid egg whites contain protein in a source that’s 100% bioavailable, all the while keeping fat content to zero and carbs as low as can be.

On top of all that, our egg whites are salmonella, listeria and avidin free. Avidin, found in raw eggs, affects B vitamin biotin, stops the absorption process, and causes problems with fatty acid synthesis and blood sugar levels. Raw eggs can cause a biotin deficiency preventing the body to absorb any protein. Muscle Egg’s pasteurization process removes the avidin and any salmonella or listeria while maintaining the egg whites’ liquid state.

Protein Charged

Research verifies that protein consumption before and after exercise aids muscle growth and recovery. Fat loss and muscle gain programs recommend a frequent intake of protein throughout the day to encourage a steady metabolic rate. Muscle Egg liquid egg whites provide a convenient and effective source of protein, and they’re fat free and low in calories. And they’re virtually carb free, promoting natural, healthy muscle growth.

Flexible Distribution

Muscle Egg liquid egg whites come in re-sealable bottles and can be frozen to increase shelf life. You decide the ideal distribution: cooking, drinking, or mixing. Our liquid egg whites are ready-to-drink out of the bottle. And because they’re tasteless, adding them to coffee, juices, or other favorite drinks is a great way to go. If you’d rather cook them, be our guest. They make healthy omelets, scrambled eggs, and a fresh egg substitute for baking. Muscle Egg liquid egg whites are an easy way to lower fat and carb levels in everyday cooking and a healthy alternative to fresh eggs.

Mass Gain and Bioavailability

Muscle Egg liquid egg whites provide the protein needed for any athletic lifestyle and are valuable sources of slow burning protein. Keeping your body in an anabolic state (building muscle rather than storing fat) requires frequent intake of protein throughout the day. The ease and convenience of Muscle Egg liquid egg whites means the essential pre- and post-workout meals, breakfast and evening meals can easily include the high quantities of protein recommended. Liquid egg whites win over any fast release protein supplements, like whey-based powders. Egg whites are naturally slow releasing and100% bioavailable. Not only are you getting a source of quality protein, the anabolic state is extended.

Weight Loss Companion

The body’s slow digestion of Muscle Egg liquid egg whites leaves you feeling fuller for longer and protein intake influences your metabolic rate. Studies prove that diets with low carbohydrates and high in protein are optimal for weight loss, helping maintain healthy muscles during activity. Muscle Egg liquid egg whites are a source of leucine, a branch chain amino acid that activate sluggish metabolisms and boost weight loss.